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Solidifying your position as an industry leader, we combine strategy with the right mix of people and invaluable strategic counsel to ensure that all messaging and branding are framed in the best possible light.

ADG Omnimedia, part of the Alvarez Diaz Group of companies, is a public relations, marketing, and branding firm specializing in communications strategy and collaborating with businesses throughout the United States.  ADG Omnimedia has been operating in Miami, Florida serving all types of industries including start-ups, law firms, financial services and accounting firms and media companies since 2002.  We’re a family-owned firm and our founders have corporate experience having worked for Fortune 500 companies, in some instances Fortune 50 companies.  An idea that was sparked 20 years ago, has grown into a company with deep roots in the South Florida business community, working closely with industry leaders and creating a family atmosphere in how we work with the companies and the people that seek our guidance.  We pride ourselves on creating an environment that focuses on transparency and accountability, where clients know every step of the engagement, how their project is turning out and holding ourselves accountable to our people, our stakeholders and the organizations with which we collaborate.

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